Here you can read the most commonly asked questions about Multilizer Document Translator.



All Multilizer Document Translators have quota which makes the translation possible. The quota is shown in real time when the automatic translation has been started. When the quota runs out, you can buy more from the web store. This way it is easy to get needed amount of quota for your translations. The purchased quota will expire after two (2) years from the date of purchase.

Documents are translated as long as there is quota left. When the quota is finished, the translation process automatically stops. If the quota runs out in the middle of a document, you will get the document partly translated and the rest of the document remains untranslated. Once the new quota is purchased, the document translation will continue from the point where translation previously ended. The price of a new quota package can be seen anytime by pressing the “Buy More Quota” button in the software.

Instead of pages, Multilizer actually calculates the quota in characters. To make the huge character numberto be easier to understand, we have converted them into pages. According to statistics, an average page has 1,800 characters. We use this number when we covert characters into pages.


The Desktop Translator is called Multilizer PDF Translator. It can be installed in a PC with Windows (Vista or newer). Multilizer doesn’t officially support Windows XP, but in many cases the application works in that environment. Please carefully test with different documents before making a purchase.

After you’ve clicked the link on the website, the Multilizer installer is downloaded to your computer. You will then need to run the installer. The installation process follows the same steps as any software installation and the installer guides you through the process. When the installation is complete, you can begin using the Document Translator.

If you have problems with creating a license for the free demo version, make sure that your firewall gives Multilizer access to the Internet. Licenses cannot be activated without an online connection.

If the installation process was completed correctly, but you still cannot run the program, something may have gone wrong with the installation or you may not have the latest version. We recommend that you first remove or uninstall the program from your computer and then download and install the latest version of Multilizer Document Translator again. Here is the link to the latest version.

You can uninstall Multilizer PDF Translator from your PC easily and at any time. To uninstall the Multilizer application please follow the following steps:

– Go to the Programs Management section: Go to Start → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a program.
– Locate “Multilizer” and click to open uninstall dialog.
– A dialog with all installed components will be shown
– Then click “Remove”.

If you’ve uninstalled the program by accident, you can download and install it again. You’ll find the download links to the latest version on from this link.


When installing the product, the Free license is created automatically. No other activation is needed, only an Internet connection is required. If you get an error message after filling the form, there are probably problems with the Internet connection. Make sure you have the connection activated and remember to check your firewall settings, too.

You can buy a license (Activation key) from our webshop. When the purchase is done, you’ll get the key by email. The email should come into you inbox immediately or at least in few minutes.

In desktop the application, you have buttons to buy Standard or Pro versions of software or new quota to use. A new license is sent to you by e-mail from the web shop. You will need to enter it in the License Serial Key field in the Options menu. Although you have purchased a Standard or Pro, you will still need to install the Free version first, and then switch the license code in the application.

You should receive your license shortly after the purchase. The confirmation email with license code is delivered to your purchase email address. Please check the spam folder in case you don’t see the confirmation email in your inbox. Credit/debit card purchases are typically confirmed immediately, but with the Wire Transfer option, the confirmation time can take a couple of days.

Make sure that you have entered the license number correctly. Sometimes copy-and-paste adds an extra space at the beginning or at the end of the license. Just clear the license field and try again.

Yes, PDF Translator connects to Multilizer and/or other translation services when translating the document.

Yes, Multilizer PDF Translator supports access via proxy using settings specified in system Internet Options.

If you lose your Multilizer license code, you should log-in to your 2Checkout account ( that was automatically created when you bought the product. 2Checkout is Multilizer’s web store partner. There you can find the license code and other information about your purchase. If you don’t have the password for your account, there is also a “Forgot your password?” option where you get a new one.


First, run Multilizer PDF Translator by clicking the icon on your desktop and then choose the PDF file you want to translate. After this, just select the language(s) and click the Translate button.

Test Mode is a good way to economically use your quota. It is an option that allows you to test how suitable your document is for automatic translation. PDF can be a challenging file format and all PDF documents are not equally translatable.

When the Test Mode is active, Multilizer PDF Translator translates only one page of your document. You can activate Test Mode by checking the Test Mode box which is located above the Start Automatic Translation button. After the test translation has been done, you can check the translated page and then decide whether or not you want to translate more.

Please find all the available material on the product information page.

You can do what you want with your translated document.

Multilizer PDF Translator Standard and Pro include a feature which enables you to save the translation in PDF or RTF file format. By choosing the RTF file format, you can open and edit the translated file with programs such as Word, LibreOffice or OpenOffice. There are also PDF editors which allow you to modify the text in a pdf document.

You can also affect the quality of automatic translation. So make sure that your document is as simple as possible. Pay close attention to the structure of the document and vocabulary. Try to avoid words with many meanings, complicated sentence structures and having important information only inside images. In addition, keep in mind that some languages may need more space than others.

No, it is not possible to use Multilizer PDF Translator to translate documents that are scanned from a hard copy. Currently we don’t support OCR (Optical Character Recognition). If you are not sure if your document is scanned or not, we recommend you to check: 1) whether there is any handwritten text in the document, and 2) whether you can select a piece of text in the document and copy and paste it to a text file. If the document contains handwritten text and/or if you cannot select any text with the mouse, the document is most likely a scanned document.

The latest version of the application is able to notice if the document is scanned and informs the user about it.

Yes, with Multilizer PDF Translator Pro version you can select a single folder for translation. All pdf files in that folder are translated when translation is started.


Some file formats are challenging to translators because they have their own characteristics. For example, every PDF document has more or less some fixed properties. The direction of the text is one fixed property. It is especially challenging to translate a PDF between languages that differ significantly from each other. For example, if the source language is written vertically and the target language horizontally, the translation is usually possible to do, but the output is written in the wrong direction. Because we cannot guarantee that the output would be clear and readable, we don’t currently support automatic translation for all languages.


First, make sure that you have a program which can show you documents with that specific document format. For example to open a PDF file you need to have a PDF viewer or a word processor for word documents. In this case, the translated document can be found in the folder but it cannot be opened on your PC.

If you have all the necessary tools or programs for viewing the document, there might be a problem with your file. Please try translating another document. If the other document is translated correctly then it is more likely that there is some technical problem with the first document. If you can, try to modify the fonts in the original document.

Every case is unique and there may be other issues as well; however, these are the most common ones:

– The translation process can’t begin if your firewall or virus scanner blocks the connection to the Multilizer translation service. To solve this problem, change your firewall or virus scanner settings.

– The translated text appears in “Gibberish” or there are just boxes instead of characters, if there is a problem with the fonts of the original document. The reason for this problem can be either a customized font with a non-standard encoding of the text (i.e. not ANSI or Unicode coding) or the font might be partially embedded in the original PDF file. To overcome this, try to use another font type.

– The translated document is exactly the same as the original one. This may happen if the original document is scanned from a hard copy. Scanned document can’t be translated.

– The document is only partially translated. There are sections in the document which may contain images, charts or tables. These kinds of visual elements are stored differently in PDF format than the ordinary text, and thus they are not translatable. If you can modify the original document, write all the text you want to be translatable within the text and include as few as possible important pieces of text inside images.

– In some cases, the author or the creator of the PDF document has secured the file in a way that it can’t be modified or used by others. Multilizer PDF Translator can identify this kind of document and can’t translate the document.

– The translated text overlaps. The problem is in the layout of the original document. Some languages require more space than others. For example, German has longer words than English, and this is why a German translation takes more space on the paper. If there isn’t enough white space, the columns may be written over each other. This makes the document is very difficult to read. If you can, make the layout of the original file looser. With the Standard and Pro versions, you can save the translation into the RTF file format which enables you to open the document with tools like OpenOffice or Word.

– Using Proxy fails. Some proxy services require authentication and PDF Translator cannot connect to internet. You can disable the proxy or use an alternative proxy server.

– Service is not available. Sometimes the translation service is busy or unavailable. Usually this is temporary and you should retry the translation later.

– Registration fails when the server cannot provide you a license code. You should always install the latest version of application.

After the purchase, you’ll receive a new license by email. First, you need to replace the Free license with the new Standard or Pro license in the Options-menu in PDF Translator. Please make sure that the new license is completely copied (i.e. no characters missing or extra spaces added). Then, restart the application. This should activate the purchased license and upgrade your PDF Translator. If this doesn’t help, our support team can check the situation; just send us a support request.

Make sure you have the latest version of the software. Here is the link to the latest version. If you have the latest version but the problem continues, it is possible that you have used your entire quota. Then you will need to buy more quota in order to continue translating. You can buy more quota by clicking the button in the application.

It is important to understand why your file is not translatable. First, take a look at the other questions in this page. We have explained the most common issues and you’ll probably easily find an answer. If you can’t find a solution from the FAQ, you can fill in this help request form. In most of cases we are able to solve the issue and the customer will be able to have the translation. If there is an unsolved technical problem, we are able to compensate for the lost quota.


If you want to update your Multilizer PDF Translator to the newest version, you can download it here.