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Try Automatic language translator for documents like PDF. The Fastest and simplest way to translate documents to other languages.

Fast Translation

The average translation speed is 3 seconds per page!

Beautiful Documents

Translations will look like original documents. All visual elements in the right places.

Super Easy to use

Select languages and documents, and then click Start. That's it!

best available Quality

Best available automatic translation services selected for your document.

Online & Desktop Apps

Use the internet app or install PDF Translator to your computer.

Dozens of Languages

Wide range of languages available for translations.

Choose the perfect plan

Do you want to use the online or desktop translator? Here you can see the available automatic language translators for documents. Choose the best for your translation needs.



/50 pages

Translate 50 pages

Price per page: $0.4

Online & desktop translator

Supported files formats:

40+ languages available




/500 pages

Translate 500 pages

Price per page: $0.11

Online & desktop translator

Supported files formats:

40+ languages available




/5.000 pages

Translate 5.000 pages

Price per page: $0,042

Online & desktop translator

Supported files formats:

40+ languages available

Technical support: 3 months

Frequently asked questions

No, Multilizer Online Translator is not a file converter. Both the original and translated file will be in the same file format.

The automatic language translator for documents is a language translator. You can use it to understand foreign documents, for example. The idea is that you have a document and Multilizer translates the text content automatically to another language. You’ll get a translated document that looks like the original document with the same alignment and structure.

Because Multilizer Online Translator is a far more advanced tool. You can indeed translate text also for free. Those competing solutions let you see only the translated text. But is that enough? You are going to lose all the images, graphs, tables and so on. It means that some important information will get lost inevitably. Unlike those other solutions, we keep all the visual elements of your document in their right places in the translated file. You will get the translated text and the visuals in the original alignment.

The translated document must contain all the same information as the original file. Otherwise, you won’t understand the content correctly. In most cases, visuals like images, tables, and charts have a big role in the reading experience. It is easier to understand the translated document if it has all those elements in the correct alignment.

Yes, Multilizer Online Translator is an online tool. Everyone with an internet browser can use it.

The desktop version works only on computers with a Windows UI.

You can translate as many documents as you want. The only limitation is the total number of pages included in each plan. And if you run out of pages, you can always buy more from the webshop.

Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kiswahili, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh

an example of a translated document

Multilizer Document Translator translates the text of a document. Then it creates a new document with both the translated text and all the visual elements in the right places. So, Multilizer Document Translator won’t edit or change the original file. You will get a new document written in the language you have selected.

Here you can see an example of how Multilizer Translator works:

The original document in English.
Multilizer Document Translator
The translated document in Indonesian.
Automatically translated document in Indonesian

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