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With over 3 million users, Multilizer is the most popular solution for translating documents. Multilizer keeps the images, tables, graphs and other visual elements in their right places in the translated file. Other solutions might let you see only the translated text but Multilizer will give you the whole document. You’ll get both the translated text and the charts, pictures etc. In other words, the translated document will have the same layout and structure as the original document which is critical in understanding and learning.

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  • Average translation speed of 3 seconds per page
  • 47 languages available
  • Supported file formats for translation:
    • PDF, DOCX, PPTX and TXT

Multilizer Translator is fully automated language translator for documents. Translate foreign language documents to your language or any other language. Understand documents better and faster. Multilizer Online Translator is most popular among students.

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